Packing Light
Packing Light
Jen Bridwell Oppenheim

Welcome to Packing Light

Real peace with real food and your body, for life

Why You Should Join

Do you tend to jump from diet to diet, only to give up because they're too restrictive or you hit a plateau?

Do you tend to regain whatever weight you've lost, plus some?

Do you tend to think of different foods  as "good" or "bad"?

Do you tend to feel guilt or shame about eating certain foods or your body?

Do you tend to use food to soothe or avoid difficult emotions?

You owe it to yourself to show up for yourself

Do you wish you could achieve and maintain stable healthy weight - ALL THE TIME?

Do you wish you could enjoy food without  guilt or shame?

Do you wish you could live the rest of your life without starving yourself or bingeing EVER AGAIN?

Do you wish you could love, accept or at least feel neutral about your body, no matter what your weight is?

Do you wish  for MORE in your life? More happiness, abundance, success--- more YOU???

It's time to enjoy the ride!

There's hard work ahead. It will require you to be BRAVE, to move away from how you've always done it, and embrace a new future with unlimited potential. You are the hero of your own story, but we can write it together.